Advice For Business

Issue a Letter Before Action

The first action we will take in recovering your debt is to send a Letter Before Action to your debtor. For instructions received before 2pm, the letter will be sent on the same day and usually the next working day, if after 2pm.

The Letter Before Action will demand payment within 7 days (for a business) and 30 days (for an individual). Your debtor will then understand that you take late / non-payment seriously and that you are actively pursuing them. In the majority of cases payment is received within the deadline set in our letter.

In most cases you are also entitled to charge interest and an administration fee on your invoice debt and this could cover your costs of sending a Letter Before Action, so you have nothing to lose, provided you make a recovery.

If you want us to send a Letter Before Action simply provide us with your details, your outstanding invoices' details, the debtor's name and address and we will do the rest.

We believe our fees should be reasonable, easy to understand and with no hidden charges or extras. We recognise the need to ensure that recovering your debts is always cost effective. That is why we let you know in advance how much it will cost to recover each debt.

By using tried and tested methods aided by state of the art IT systems and commercial common sense we are able to offer a rapid turnaround at very competitive rates.


Although the fee for the Letter Before Action is not always recoverable from the debtor, it does cover all work we carry out on your behalf up to issuing of Court proceedings (e.g. follow up telephone calls to your debtors, reporting back to you and negotiations with the debtor).

Our charges are straightforward:

  • All claims for unpaid invoices  - £50 + VAT

We are also set up to manage Commercial Debt Recovery on complex debts and bulk invoices - Speak to one of our Debt Recovery Team today and depending on your needs, we'll aim to offer discounted costs for multiple invoices.

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