Commercial Litigation

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Resolving business disputes 

Most businesses will have to deal with a dispute at some time or other. Whatever the dispute - whether it relates to a long overdue debt, sub-standard goods or a breach of contract, you need a speedy and cost-effective resolution with the least possible disruption to your business and cash flow.

Whatever issues you face, we can help you settle the matter, ideally with your commercial reputation and business relationships intact. If settlement is not possible, we can advise on the best method of dispute resolution whether that involves formal proceedings through the  courts or alternative forms of dispute resolution (ADR) such as negotiation, mediation or adjudication.

Achieving a resolution for your business

If court proceedings are necessary, we have the experience, expertise and advocacy skills to pursue or defend those proceedings vigorously in the High Court or County Court, to assist you in achieving a resolution that suits your commercial objectives.

Our solicitors will advise you fully on the procedures involved and all options available to achieve a successful outcome. We will also fully inform you of the likely costs involved.

Debt recovery 

Our Commercial Litigation team also offers a Debt Recovery service which is geared to improving cash flow by recovering unpaid invoices cost-efficiently.

How can we help?

We have extensive experience of handling a wide range of commercial disputes and have the legal acumen to advise you every step of the way. We advise on a variety of commercial disputes including:

We will advise you on the most appropriate way to resolve your dispute whether that be through negotiation, MediationAlternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Expert Determination or through the courts. Examples of how we can help include:

  • writing letters before action (also called "7 day letters)
  • advising on whether you have a good claim or defence 
  • advising on and handling court proceedings or alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings
  • obtaining injunctions
  • enforcing judgments
  • dealing with county court and other judgments (CCJ)
  • dealing with insolvency issues including statutory demands, liquidation, bankruptcy, administration proceedings

Contact us

For more information on how to resolve your dispute, contact Christopher Burke on 0161 684 6941 or make an enquiry.


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