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Company Restoration

Have you voluntarily applied to dissolve your company and realised that the dissolved company still has money in a bank account or owns a property?

Or have you realised that the dissolved company has a right to bring a business insurance claim for losses?

If so, our specialist Litigation Solicitors may be able to help restore the company and help to recover any assets and money owing to the company.

How to restore a Dissolved Company

There are two ways in which a dissolved company can be restored:

Administrative Restoration

This is a simple application with three essential criteria:

  1. You are a former director or former shareholder.
  2. The company was struck off the register (mainly through non-compliance).
  3. The company was dissolved by the Registrar of Companies within the last 6 years, or if it was trading at the time it was dissolved.

Pearson’s Litigation Solicitors can act on your behalf and apply for administrative restoration. An application form needs to be completed and a fee of £100 needs to be paid. Also, you will need to pay to file any missing accounts and annual returns, plus any late penalties need to be paid.

If the above criteria is not met then you will need to apply for a company restoration by Court Order to restore a dissolved company to the company register.

Company Restoration by Court Order

You will need specialist legal advice to prepare the court application.  However, this route is not only applicable to former directors and former shareholders.  You can restore a dissolved company if you: were an employee, had business with the company, money is owed to you, you are responsible for the employee pension fund, have a shared or competing interest in property or land owned by the company.

You will need to pay a fee to the Court when the application is submitted, a fee to the Registrar of Companies and to the Treasury Solicitor (if applicable).

In addition to the County Court application, any assets vested in the Crown Bona Vacantia must be waived by the Crown representative.

How can we help reinstate a Dissolved Company

Our team of Litigation Solicitors will act for you by preparing the RT01 form and any supporting witness statements.  We will issue the claim and obtain all necessary consents from third parties. If your claim is accepted, the Court will issue an order to restore the company.  We will make sure the order is sent to the Registrar of Companies and the Treasury Secretary and the company is then restored as if it had never been struck off.

For more information on how to restore a dissolved company contact our experienced Litigation Solicitors on 0161 785 3500 or email at