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Age discrimination claims up 31 percent

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The number of age discrimination claims has increased considerably, according to a recent report. According to the Tribunal Service’s Annual Statistics for 2010/ 2011 there was ‘dramatic’ rise in the number of age discrimination claims lodged.

Covering the period from 1 April to 31 March 2011 the statistics show that a total of 6,800 age discrimination claims were lodged with the Service, an increase of 31 percent on the previous year and an increase of 79 percent since 2008/2009.

Of those 6,800 claims, 3,700 were dealt with by Employment Tribunals, but just 2% – a mere 90 claims, were successful.

Of the 3,700 claims dismissed by Employment Tribunals in 2010/2011, just 2 percent were successful at Tribunal. Of the remaining 98 percent, 40 percent were withdrawn before reaching the hearing stage.

Acas conciliated in 35 percent of the claims; 9 percent were unsuccessful at a Tribunal hearing; 3 percent were dismissed at a preliminary hearing, and 1 percent were subject to a default judgement.

Commenting on the figures, Chris Ball, Chief Executive of The Age and Employment Network (TAEN), said: "These figures show a dramatic rise in the number of age discrimination claims in the past two years and emphasise the importance of employers becoming more age-aware.

"Against a backdrop of a number of high-profile ageism cases, the ending of the default retirement age and rising levels of redundancy and unemployment, many more people believe that they are being discriminated against. These figures relate only to claims and the majority will not succeed in tribunal, but the sheer numbers suggest that they can't all be wrong.

"With further job losses expected in the public sector and the lingering idea that older workers are a burden, we would not be surprised to see these figures continue to rise.

"Employers must have appropriate policies in place to deal with issues like redundancies, recruitment and pay. In all of these areas, age should be completely out of the equation."

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