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Preventing Employment Claims

Implementing and following up to date, compliant employment contracts and workplace policies and procedures is the best way for an Employer to prevent Employment Law related claims.

Every employer is legally required to have a disciplinary and grievance procedure in addition to issuing employment contracts to their staff. There are other policies and procedures which could help you and/or your managers promote a workplace which is conducive to a good working environment, these could include an equality, inclusion and diversity policy, social media and/or Internet policies as well as a privacy policy to comply with the recent Data Protection Act 2018/GDPR.

Comprehensive Employment Law Packages - Employment Protect

Pearson Solicitors offer a comprehensive Employment Protect Package that will cost-effectively help your business to ensure that your Contracts and Policies are not only up to date, but also stay that way.

Not only should employers have these policies in place, but they should also ensure that their employees know about and understand their policies, ie. by training, at induction and staff should know where to obtain copies or where they can access these policies and procedures as and when required.

It is also necessary that managers and supervisors abide by the policies to promote a good working environment.

Employee Grievances

If an employee raises a grievance or complaint, in some circumstances, attempts can be made to resolve the grievance informally, however, if the complaint and/or concern is not satisfactorily resolved, then the employee should raise a grievance under the formal grievance procedure and that followed through.  If a disciplinary issue arises, then this should be addressed and if an informal word with the employee is either not deemed appropriate or has already been tried, then the disciplinary procedure should be followed.

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