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What to expect in you first appointment with a medical negligence solicitor

When a client comes to us after any form of medical negligence, whether via a hospital, GP, dentist or other health professional it is obviously a very emotive time.

Your first meeting with us will be a fact finding mission – you will find out what to expect from us and we will ask a variety of questions about your treatment.  One of our team will go through the case with you, ask a number of questions about your concerns and if you have case notes, photographs, or any useful documentation this will all be gathered together.

At a later date you will meet with one of our solicitors who will manage your case.  We will, as necessary, instruct medical experts and obtain independent expert medical opinion to provide a report on the standard of care received.

We always do our best to reassure our clients, we have been through many similar occurrences in the past and are used to dealing with medical mistakes, but we understand for most people this is the first time something has gone wrong for them and they are obviously angry, upset and above all else worried.

Time Scales for Medical Negligence Cases

Our first aim is to manage expectations as the whole process can be complicated and lengthy.  If liability is admitted on some smaller cases they can obviously be managed much more quickly, in others it can be several years before the case comes to conclusion.

There are time limits for making medical negligence claims and we can only act within these.

This time limit is usually three years from when the incident occurred or when you first became aware that medical negligence occurred, or knowledge a significant injury was caused.  The time limits also begin from date of death, if this is the case.

In a case where negligence has happened to a child, the limitation period starts to run 3 years from their 18th birthday.

Compensation Amounts & Interim Payments

At the initial meeting we will not confirm amount of compensation which you can expect and this will depend on a number of variables, we can of course give an expected figure.  If a barrister is appointed they will value your claim and medical expert testimonial will back this up.

As the case progresses we will manage interim payments for you, so part of your compensation settlement is made in advance of the final compensation settlement.  This is usually when money is needed to pay for specialist medical care, lost earnings or other costs.

Interim payments allow those who've suffered serious injuries to receive part of their compensation before their case settles.

How do interim payments work?

Interim payments allow you to spread out receipt of your compensation and allow you to get initial financial relief if this is necessary so you don’t have to wait until the final award.

If there is an admission of liability a court can order an interim payment to be made if; you have care needs, rehabilitation costs, physical therapy costs, loss of income implications, or in more serious cases you may need a change of accommodation, or major adaptations to be made in the home, there is a reasonable chance of fault at trial, the other party admits responsibility.

The interim payments can continue throughout the course of your claim and you can request more than one and they are deducted from your final compensation claim amount.