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Care Home Fees FAQs

Although the cost of care homes can vary across the country, on average you can expect to pay around £29,250 per year in a residential home and around £39,300 (or more) per year if you require nursing care.

If the value of your capital assets (including your home) is more than £23,250 you will usually have to pay the full cost of your own care.

If your assets are worth less than £23,250, you will get some financial help from your local authority (‘LA’). If your assets are worth less than £14,250 you will be entitled to the maximum support, but will still have to contribute any income you receive. However you are allowed to keep £24.90 per week for personal expenses.

If you have capital between £14,250 and £23,250 the LA will assume this generates an income and you will be charged £1 per week for each £250 between these two figures.

Yes and it can even be in a different county. The home must be suitable for you and should not cost more than the LA would ordinarily pay for someone with your particular needs. If you want to live in a different, more expensive, home the LA will allow the fees to be topped up by a third party. However, under current rules, you are not allowed to pay the top up fees yourself.

No. The LA can ‘lend’ you the money to pay for your care and then register a charge (similar to a mortgage) against your property. When the house is sold in the future they will be repaid.  However, they may limit how much they will pay and it could affect your entitlement to certain welfare benefits. You could consider renting out your house to produce an income, but you would still be responsible for maintaining the property and the costs associated with this.

If your capital falls below £23,250 you should request an assessment a few months before that happens and the LA should arrange this promptly to avoid depleting your capital. However, if the home costs more than the LA are willing to pay, somebody may have to pay a top up on your behalf or you may have to move to a less expensive home.

You may consider giving away assets to avoid paying large care costs. However, if the LA believes that you have done this to avoid paying care fees they may still assess and charge you as if you still own what you have given away. This is referred to as deprivation of assets.

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