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Inheritance Tax & Estate Planning

Inheritance Tax is charged at a rate of 40% on the value of assets, over and above £325,000, left by a person on their death. Simply put, anything below £325,000 is Inheritance Tax free; anything over £325,000 may be taxed at 40%.

Fortunately, Inheritance Tax, though a complicated area, is one of the most avoidable taxes. Through a number of measures we can help you to minimise your liability, if not remove it totally. Trusts can also play an important part in this strategy.

A professionally drawn Will, together with proper tax advice, are the best ways to ensure that your Inheritance Tax liability is reduced and ensure your estate goes to those you intend. Your solicitor will be happy to discuss your options in confidence.

By ‘Estate Planning’ we refer to employing the many and varied financial and legal tools available to plan a person's financial affairs in a tax-efficient manner that will allow them to enjoy their hard earned wealth into retirement and provide a meaningful inheritance for their family.

We help private individuals to ensure that their assets and business interests are protected, and that their successors are spared having to pay large amounts of tax.