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What’s the news from Care Courts during Coronavirus?

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Since the  court service’s coronavirus guidance has come into force, the court service itself and all the professionals working in this area have immediately risen to the challenge of keeping the courts open for business and dealing with as a many hearings as possible by way of telephone conferencing and video conferencing.

A small number of cases have been rescheduled, but often due to the facts in the individual case.  Clients have been able to remain involved in these hearings too by using the same technology.

The court has issued very positive guidance which has recently been updated to reflect the experiences of the court staff and participants since the new measures were introduced.

“We have faced a unique challenge over the past two weeks with hearings being dealt with remotely, but the safety of our clients and their families is upmost in our minds and our solicitors and support staff are working as hard as usual for clients. We adapt fast and are rising to the challenge of maintaining our excellent client care remotely by email, video call and by telephone even in these difficult times,” said Pamela Walsh, of Pearson Solicitors.

Some child care proceedings, domestic violence and family law and childcare issues are taking place.  Our care team have had no hearings cancelled since the start of the outbreak, but have been conducting all procedures in a safe way, liaising with clients by telephone and FaceTime, getting WhatsApp messages and taking part in the case as per instructed by the court.  Government guidance is updated daily at the moment.

“In cases of domestic abuse the Courts are still open and we can submit an application for a Non-Molestation or Occupation Order online in an emergency. An occupation order is issued by the family court under Part IV Family Law Act 1996 and sets out who has the right to stay at the family home, who can return and who should be excluded and I would urge anyone with questions to just get in contact with us, we are always at the end of the phone or email,” added Pamela.

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