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Laser Eye Surgery

Across the UK many people who need Glasses or Contact Lens to correct eyesight issues are turning to Laser Eye Surgery as an alternative.

Laser Eye Surgery or Laser Vision Correction is a type of refractive surgery, performed by an ophthalmologist and usually involves removing a layer of Cornea using a laser. This type of surgery is often called LASIK.

For many patients, post-operative discomfort soon wears off and the procedure is beneficial to them, however for a small number the procedure can leave them with complications and unexpected outcomes.

Laser Eye Surgery carries higher risks for some patients with pre-existing medical conditions. Medical professionals are, as with any medical treatment, expected to screen prospective patients for any pre-existing risk factors and advise of any potential risks, before going ahead with any procedure.

If you were unfortunate to have a lasting adverse outcome from Laser Eye Surgery about which you weren’t warned about before the operation, you should contact us today to discuss confidentially if you could claim compensation.

Lasting adverse outcomes of Laser Eye Surgery

Serious adverse outcomes can include;

  • Total Loss of vision in one or both eyes
  • Long-term double vision
  • Ectasia – pathological dilation of the Cornea
  • Post-surgery deterioration of eyesight
  • Corneal scarring

Claims often arise when the patient suffers long term adverse effects because they did not receive an acceptable level of medical care, including the failure on the part of the medical professional to adequately explain the risks of the procedure, incompetent surgery or due to the post-operative care being below the acceptable level.

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