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Our promise: transparent, flexible, tailored legal fees from the outset.

Owner or tenant, commercial or residential, every aspect of property calls for highly specialised legal expertise. The Pearson team of specialist Commercial Property solicitors has many years experience in the sector, plus in-depth knowledge of the latest legislation.

We can give you that all-important edge over competitors and rivals. Whether the subject is investment or development, buying, selling or renting, our effective business-minded approach and rigorous attention to detail will put your business precisely where it needs to be.

Talk to us first and avoid the property market’s many pitfalls, because peace of mind is the most valuable property anyone can possess.

Our areas of expertise include:

We tackle all types of Commercial Property work, we recently helped purchase some agricultural land for a client and here's what he had to say about our services:

"Most of us only contact solicitors when it's essential or unavoidable and when we do, we tend to complain about exorbitant costs or slow service. When appointing Pearson's to act on my behalf, I entrusted them to deal with a subject I had no experience of at all, that of purchasing agricultural land. Having a specialist in such a subject and the supporting staff able to answer every query, allay my concerns and keep me updated, I found Karen Piontek and Alison Brown to be extremely professional, efficient and totally committed to my best interests. Costs were explained prior to their appointment and the only financial surprises were from third parties, which didn't increase their own fees.

In writing this testimonial, I can only respond to my own experience and state that I would have no hesitation is recommending or reappointing Pearson's if the need arises again." 

We have contacts with many property experts including surveyors, architects, tax experts, and banks and can assist you in receiving comprehensive advice on any property transaction.

For your added peace of mind, Pearson Solicitors is an accredited member of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS)

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