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Notice re Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

Our Private Client team are all still working and continuing to look after all our clients legal matters and take new instructions or give advice. The safety of our clients and staff is important to us and we are not holding face to face meetings or visiting clients at home at the moment. We are following Government guidelines and so although our physical office doors are now shut, our virtual offices are open and we are here for all our clients via telephone and email until we all come through this together.

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Planning for your future by making a Will, or taking Inheritance Tax advice will help to keep you family secure and our professional team can help in every stage of your Will writing.  We will also guide clients through Probate law, at what can sometimes be a distressing time.

Making a Will is essential no matter what age you are.  Keeping your Will up to date is also crucial to make sure your wishes are met.

Our Wills,Trusts,Tax and Probate team has a proud history of helping clients and subsequent generations of their families manage their personal affairs, draft their Wills and administer their Estates.

Our solicitors work solely in this area of law so our clients can be assured of clear, practical and sensitive advice, combined with the most advanced legal knowledge in this complex field of law.  

When making a Will your legal adviser will have to check mental capacity, sometimes know to the layman as 'being of sound mind and body' or in legal terms establishing testamentary capacity.

We offer specialist services including:

  • Wills and Trusts - creation and management
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Probate, including administration of Estates and Will disputes
  • Inheritance Tax Advice and Estate Planning
  • Court of Protection
  • Business Wills

Will writing is often a sensitive area, people often put off making their Wills when instead it should be considered prudent planning ahead. Almost 70% of people do not have a Will, or have not reviewed it due to changing family circumstances for example divorce, the birth of children or grandchildren or changing circumstances and this can have an affect on your estate.

Clients do not always realise that a surviving spouse will not necessarily inherit everything, an unmarried partner has no automatic entitlement, the family home may have to be sold, or your children may be unintentionally disinherited.  As legal professionals we would also encourage younger people to consider making a Will and with an increasingly elderly population the need for a Lasting Power of Attorney is becoming more and more necessary. 

Our Wills & Probate Solicitors can help you protect your interests and give you the peace of mind knowing your Estate is taken care of when you pass away.

Please use the menu to the left for more information on the range of services offered by our Wills,Trusts, Tax & Probate team.

Make an appointment at our offices in Oldham, Tameside or North Manchester, or alternatively arrange for a home visit at your convenience.

It is always advisable to use a professional when having your Will drafted. DIY and online Wills often lead to problems for your beneficiaries, as recommended here by the Law Society in a campaign encouraging the use of a solicitor for advice, instead of unregulated providers.A professional up tpo date Will also reduces the risk of challenges to the Will and lengthy contentious probate issues.

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