Glaucoma Claims

Glaucoma Medical Negligence Claims

Glaucoma describes a number of different eye conditions. It occurs when the tubes which drain the eye becomes slightly blocked, preventing eye fluid from draining properly. This causes a build up of pressure in the eye which can damage the optic nerve. The condition can develop chronically, or acutely as the result of injury or it may also be due to a hereditary abnormality.

Treatments include drops to lower the pressure in they eye and laser surgery. The objective is to reduce the pressure in the eye, to control the condition and minimise the damage. Prompt diagnosis and treatment are very important. However, early diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma are crucial as any damage to the eye cannot be reversed by treatment. Treatment can only manage the ongoing condition and reduce the risk of any possible future damage.

Legal Help To Glaucoma Sufferers

Pearson Solicitors have successfully conducted litigation arising from a number of cases of delayed diagnosis of glaucoma. Because chronic glaucoma doesn’t cause any symptoms until there is advanced visual loss, effective treatment requires identification of pre-symptomatic disease. The responsible clinician would look for increased intraocular pressure, optic disc changes and visual field abnormalities. If your doctor, ophthalmologist or optometrist has failed in their duty of care to diagnose and/or treat glaucoma, then you may have grounds to bring a claim of medical negligence.

Making A Claim For Eye Injury Or Glaucoma Medical Negligence

The same laws apply to ophthalmologists and optometrists as other medical practitioners. If you or a member of your family has been injured as a result of glaucoma which has been misdiagnosed or treated incorrectly, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our experienced medical negligence solicitors today, on 0161 785 3500 or

Our documents are available on coloured print paper and large print for easier reading and working with Henshaw's support services for the visually impaired we can also produce braille documents.

Case Study For Compensation

A client received a £20,000 financial compensation award recently when a 9 year delay in diagnosis of glaucoma lead to visual field defects despite regular visits to an ophthalmic surgeon at Warrington Hospital. But for this failure in care Mr W could have avoid visual field defects and he was compensated for avoidable pain, suffering and lost amenity.