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Birth Defect & Obstetric Negligence

Over the years the Medical Negligence experts at Pearson Solicitors have successfully recovered damages for many mothers and new born babies and have developed an expertise in this varied area of medical practice.

Obstetric claims can cover: mismanagement of labour by a midwife, failure to recognise a high risk patient, inadequate pain relief, perineal trauma, delayed delivery, maternal or foetal bleeding, misinterpretation of scans and birth injury including Cerebral Palsy.

An Obstetric Negligence case success story

Mrs Z was pregnant with her first baby. She went into the hospital with severe vomiting and heartburn. There was a failure to detect acute pancreatitis caused by gallstones. Her pain persisted. It was wrongly thought that she had a urinary tract infection. There was a failure to monitor the condition of the unborn baby. When, finally, it was discovered that the unborn baby was in severe distress caesarean section was undertaken but this was itself delayed. Tragically the baby was stillborn.

Mrs Z had a Legal Expense Insurance policy that responded to the claim and paid the legal fees. Supportive expert opinion was obtained to show that earlier delivery would have saved the baby’s life and our medical negligence solicitors negotiated a settlement for the sum of £30,000.

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